When to use a hybrid antidecubitus mattress?

This is a logical question during the search for a suitable mattress. There are all kinds of mattresses. Inventions don’t stop for now, so more are bound to follow in the coming years. In the blog below, we explain the hybrid mattress to you. What is it? What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress and when do you use it? You’ll know after reading this article!

What do we mean by a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is a kind of mixture of two types of mattresses. If you combine an air mattress and a foam mattress, you get a hybrid underbed. Needless to say, not all the properties of the two types of mattresses are present in a hybrid mattress. Nevertheless, a hybrid antidecubitus mattress combines some of the important properties of foam and air.

Hybrid: the combination of air and foam

An air mattress has the great advantage that the mattress molds to your body. The cavities of your body are filled by the surface of the mattress. The result? Lots of support. An air mattress supports the body very well. That spread pressure lowers the risk of bedsores. In addition, an air mattress leaves room for personal wishes. You decide how much air you put in the mattress. The hardness of an air mattress is entirely up to you. The more air, the harder the mattress. You can therefore take into account patients with higher or lower body weight

A mattress made of foam has other good characteristics (see also: When to use a foam antidecubitus mattress?) Foam has a better ventilating function and does not retain heat as long. This benefits the lying comfort. A hybrid mattress combines the main advantages.

The benefits of a hybrid anti-cubitus mattress

The plus points of Bos Medical International’s hybrid antidecubitus mattresses are based on two features: support and comfort.


You’ve read above that an air mattress offers a great deal of support. A hybrid mattress effortlessly takes on that advantage. Support in as many places as possible, lowers the risk of pressure sores. That’s because with proper support, there are no pressure points on the body. Pressure distribution is an effective prevention tool against pressure sores.


In addition to support, lying comfort is also important. Nobody wants to sleep on a mattress without comfort. We understand this like no other. After all, a hybrid bed has the comfort of a foam mattress – with good ventilation as the icing on the cake!

When do you use a hybrid mattress?

When you look at the benefits, you come to the conclusion that hybrid mattresses can be used in many ways. A hybrid mattress works extremely well as a preventative measure. Because of this effect, it can be used at home, but also in nursing homes or other institutions. In addition, the mattress can be used when bedsores have already occurred. A solid mattress then contributes to the recovery of the wounds!

Looking for a hybrid antidecubitus mattress?

Are you looking for hybrid anti-decubitus mattresses that, in addition to support, offer a lot of comfort? Bos Medical International has included several hybrid mattresses in its web shop. Look in the assortment for more information!

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