When to choose an alternating antidecubitus mattress?

An alternating mattress is an effective tool in the fight against bedsores. An alternating pressure mattress is also called an interchangeable pressure mattress. How does this antidecubitus product work? And when do you best deploy this type of mattress? Then read on quickly.

What is an alternating mattress?

An alternating mattress is a mattress that changes pressure. Alternating derives from the Latin word “alternus. It means “to alternate. An alternating mattress alternates the pressure continuously. The alternating pressure lower bed consists of air cells that are inflated or deflated. This creates a continuous alternation of pressure. Of course, the pressure does not change at a high rate. That would make a good (night) rest impossible. An electric pump provides the alternating pressure of the alternating mattress.

Change pressure with a pump

A pump sounds a bit colossal, but the pump is actually a small device attached to the mattress. During the night, inflate the parts of the mattress, or deflate the parts. It is important to note that Bos Medical International’s pumps do not make much noise. A pump that makes a lot of noise disturbs the comfort and makes sleeping peacefully impossible, so we limit the noise the pump produces as much as possible.

When do you use an alternate antidecubitus mattress?

You use an alternating antidecubitus mattress in the following situations:

  1. There is an increased risk of pressure sores
  2. A patient has pressure ulcers and recovery is needed

An alternating pressure mattress as a prevention method

An alternating pressure mattress is a very suitable tool to use in the fight against pressure sores. Some people have an increased risk of pressure sores. Think for example of bedridden people or people who have to sit a lot. It is important to prevent pressure sores, because prevention is better than cure. As you know, pressure ulcers occur when one part of the body is exposed to pressure for an extended period of time. To prevent this, pressure must be spread over the entire body. An alternating mattress spreads the pressure and alternates pressure spots. This ensures that no body part is exposed to pressure for a long time. This prevents pressure sores!

An alternate underbed as an aid to recovery

When pressure sores are present, an alternate mattress can help in the recovery of the wounds. A patient who suffers from pressure sores is better off not lying on a regular mattress. This could make the symptoms worse. Therefore, an alternate underbed is a good way to encourage recovery. This limits the damage to the body and allows the person to recover.

Need advice on pressure ulcer products?

Bos Medical International’s alternating anti-decubitus mattresses help prevent or allow bedsores to recover. The quiet electric pumps also do not detract from your sleep. Check out our product range for the possibilities or contact us!

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