Sitting – prevent sitting wounds (antidecubitus)

Prolonged sitting with little movement increases the risk of bedsores. With the help of our antidecubitus products you can prevent bedsores. You can choose from a wide range of products for patients, such as specific anti-decubitus seat cushions. We like to help you on your way with personal advice. Please feel free to contact us.

Preventing Sitting Through

As an importer, Bos Medical International offers a wide range of firm seat cushions against decubitus. With these products, good relief and support is offered to different types of users with different pressure reduction needs.

Foam, gel or gel-air

A wide range of aids is available and deliverable (often immediately). We offer the antidecubitus cushions in different sizes, varieties and materials. The choice of a type depends on several factors, including the degree of pressure treatment and the weight of the user. Bos Medical International’s cushions are mostly used in a wheelchair. Depending on indication and personal preference, a choice is made from different variants such as foam, gel or gel-air. We also offer seat cushions that reduce the pressure when sitting by using air. Because the cushions are of high quality in relation to the price, they are very attractive for rental and loan.

Private label antidecubitus aids

At Bos Medical International it is possible to order a product or several products in your own house style. This can be done, for example, by printing your own logo on the cover of the anti-decubitus seat cushion. In this way you create a private label product, which stimulates your name recognition and is linked to a quality product.

Contact us

Working with Bos Medical International’s products is easy and provides the right solution to the increased risks associated with prolonged sitting. With our service we focus on the best solution and take into account the circumstances of the patient and workability for the user. All in accordance with the existing laws and regulations. Our team is at your disposal for detailed explanations, a demonstration or answers to specific questions. Of course we are happy to help you make the right choice of product and/or range. We have specialists in house who know what the best solution is for a specific decubitus issue. We would like to use our knowledge to promote your satisfaction and thus a long-term cooperation. Please contact us.