Gel-foam anti-decubitus cushion

When a person sits in a chair or wheelchair for long periods of time, it is important to deploy and use a good (gel-foam) anti-decubitus cushion. Because there is constant pressure on certain parts of the body, pressure ulcers can develop. The tailbone in particular is a sensitive area, which can lead to pressure sores. To be able to sit comfortably and pain free for a long time an antidecubitus cushion is recommended.

Design Gel-foam Antidecubitus Pillow

The gel foam cushion supplied by Bos Medical Internationalhas an anatomically shaped section with a silicone gel core at the level of the seat. The anatomical design ensures a comfortable and stable seat. In addition to providing comfort, the gel also has a cooling effect.

Preventive application of gel-foam cushion

This type of cushion is often used preventively with patients in hospitals, in nursing homes and in home care. This cushion can also be used for people with a low body weight <(40 kg), where sitting on air mattresses is often experienced as uncomfortable.