foam antidecubitus cushion

When sitting on a chair or in a wheelchair for long periods of time, it is important to use a good anti-decubitus cushion to prevent bedsores. Due to the constant pressure that occurs on certain parts of the body, pressure sores can develop. The tailbone in particular is a sensitive place to develop pressure sores on the seat. This is why an adapted anti-decubitus cushion is very important. This allows the affected person to sit for a long time, comfortably and pain free, without developing pressure sores.

Types of foam in antidecubitus cushions

There are various types of foam pillows to prevent oversitting. Whether it is a simple cold foam pillow or a visco-elastic pillow, Bos Medical International will be happy to advise you on the most ideal pillow for a specific situation.

Preventive use of foam pillows

The antidecubitus foam cushion is often used preventively for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and home care. This cushion can also be used for people with a low body weight (< 40 kg), where sitting on air beds is often uncomfortable.