Alternating antidecubitus cushion

To prevent or cure pressure spots, it is important to alternate pressure points under the body. For this purpose, an alternating seat cushion, also called an alternating pressure cushion, can be used. The alternating antidecubitus cushion is used primarily with people who already have pressure sores or where there is a high likelihood that they will develop because the person is, for example, confined to a wheelchair for long periods of time.

Powered by air pump

This alternating cushion combats pressure sores through high technology. Air cells are powered by an air pump that inflates and then releases air. This creates a better blood circulation in the body. If one still wants to go out, then this can be done by choosing an anti-decubitus cushion with a battery pump. This type of pillow is often used in nursing homes, but can also be used ideally in home situations. Often these systems are reimbursed by health insurance companies or it is possible to get this cushion on loan.


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