Washable Tunnel Slide Sheet

This washable tunnel sliding sheet is used to make moving patients safer and reduce the effort for the nursing staff. This Washable Tunnel Slide Sheet can allow the user to be moved in different directions. With low friction on the inside of the sliding sheet and high friction on the outside, the user can be moved easily. Slide sheets are designed to move clients in bed, not lift them. The significant reduction in injury risk for nurses and caregivers improves staff retention. This design is also clinically proven to provide pressure relief and comfort and well-being for the client.



Washable Tunnel Slide Sail

Information about the Washable Tunnel Slide Sheet:

  • Available in various sizes: 78×68 cm, 140×68 cm & 200×68 cm
  • Transferring system
  • Low friction nylon with Polyurethane coating
  • Washable up to 70 degrees

Additional information

Patient weight

max. 250 kg