Washable Brown Slide Sheet

This Washable Brown Slide Sheet is used to make moving patients safer and reduce the effort for nurses. This Washable Brown Glide Sheet only needs to be applied once under the client. After the transfer, the sliding mat can remain under the client without the risk of falling out of bed. Thus, this saves the caregiver a lot of time. Glide sheets are intended to move clients in bed, not to lift. The significant reduction in injury risk for nurses and caregivers improves staff retention while providing clinically proven pressure reducing design comfort and well-being for the client.



Washable Brown Slide Sheet

Washable Brown Slide Sheet can be left under the patient without the risk of sliding out of bed. This means that you only need to place the sliding sheet under the patient once and leave it there for the next transfer. This saves the carer a lot of time.

How it works: This sliding mat is made from a special fabric which is non-slip on one side and very smooth on the other, thanks to a Polyurethane coating.

This brown sliding mat can be used in two ways: with the smooth side on the bed sheet or with the non-slip side on the bed sheet. The latter is used the most. By placing a (flat) sheet on the sliding mat, the patient can easily be shifted forwards/backwards or sideways.

Information on Washable Brown Slide Sheet:

  • Available in various sizes: 100×150 cm and 140×200 cm
  • Transferring system
  • Low friction nylon with Polyurethane coating
  • Washable up to 70 degrees

Additional information

Patient weight

max. 200 kg