Pillow for on the go

This anti-decubitus cushion was developed to increase the mobility of the wheelchair user. If you go out for the day, you are guaranteed a filled air cushion for the entire day. We call this a cushion for the road.

The compact pump is powered by a NI-MH battery. A charger is also included. A convenient pouch allows the pump to be attached to a chair or wheelchair. The interchangeable, water resistant, vapor permeable and fire retardant Stretch PU cover provides comfort and durability.

The alternating air cells provide optimal pressure distribution. These cells are easy to clean. One has the choice of 5 different comfort levels depending on the weight of the user and also the cycle time is adjustable. The seat cushion comes with a polyurethane incontinence cover.


Pillow for on the go

The Pillow for on the go can be added to an existing mattress system to provide 24-hour care when the user is transferred to a chair to relieve the bed.


This Variable Pressure Travel Pillow can be combined with any of the pumps in the Bos range (and with a number of competing products using the same connection system) to provide pressure relief to the buttocks.

The perfect pillow for preventing bedsores, now also for on the go.

Information about the Pillow for on the go:

  • Size 43x43x10 cm
  • Material foam anatomical Viscofoam
  • Cover material Polyurethane
  • Material cells Nylon/PU
  • Water repellent and breathable
  • Flame retardant and fire resistant
  • Cleaning with water
  • Disinfect with antiseptic
  • Cover washable at 90 degrees

Additional information

Pressure Ulcer Grade


Patient weight

max. 120 kg