P-26SD Pump

P-26SD Pump helps prevent pressure sores. Order this antidecubitus product from Bos Medical International to prevent bedsores.

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P-26SD Pump
Antidecubitus air mattress pump

The quality of an anti-decubitus air mattress pump is extremely important in the treatment of pressure sores. If the pump does not function correctly, the mattress will deflate or the air cells will become too hard. In both cases you run an increased risk of pressure ulcers. Our pumps are known for their ease of use, light weight and very high reliability.

Quality control

Quality control is our top priority. That is why we test every pump (including the P-26SD pump) and not just randomly. Want to know more about the way Bos Medical International works? Read more about our company.

Sound level antidecubitus air mattress pump

The pumps that Bos Medical International delivers are super quiet. Our tests show that they have a noise level of less than 28 decibels. This means the patient experiences no inconvenience at all. This is an important requirement that we often hear from customers.

Specialist in anti-decubitus products

We are convinced that you will enjoy using our pumps for many years. What should you consider when purchasing the P-26SD pump or other pumps? If you are not a specialist yourself, it may be difficult for you to judge what will meet your needs and what will not. We are happy to help you with that!

New anti-decubitus products

We are known by our customers for our customised products. We are not only developing new anti-decubitus products, but also adapting our products based on use and feedback from our customers. After all, you are the user and you know what is needed and what is changing in the workplace and in medical treatment. Of course this doesn’t only apply to the pumps, but to the entire range of products of Bos Medical International. We are the European specialist when it comes to products in the area of anti-decubitus.