Leg support foam coated

Leg support foam coated helps prevent pressure sores. Order this product from Bos Medical International to prevent decubitus. You can read more about coated positioning.


Leg support foam coated

Leg support foam coated helps prevent bedsores. Order this anti-decubitus product from Bos Medical International to prevent bedsores. Read more about coated positioning.

Coated anti-decubitus positioners (reusable)

Leg support foam coated can be disinfected and cleaned and is therefore reusable. The foam positioners offer good support and reduce the risk of bedsores during medical procedures. Bos Medical International’s product range consists of various models to support different body parts such as the head, arms and ankles. We differentiate our product categories into sitting, lying, positioning and moving. Finally, we have disposables in our range.

Reusable foam positioners

The coated Antidecubitus positioners are made of a firm foam surrounded by a skinfoam coating. This product is ideal to clean with a mild cleaner and to disinfect with a liquid antiseptic. The coating is water-resistant. These products can be used when making X-rays.

This positioner is ideal to be used again and again during a medical procedure or when taking pictures for a bit of comfort.