Dynamic Air Seat Cushion

This anti-decubitus Dynamic Air Seat cushion is designed for users who need the highest level of protection against pressure sores and want to experience the greatest sitting comfort. This cushion is a counterpart to the well-known ROHO cushion. This pillow consists of flexible, interconnected air cells that can be adjusted to follow the unique contours of the body. This results in personalized comfort and maximum pressure distribution.

The seat cushion comes with an incontinence cover. This cushion is available in a variety of sizes and heights. For personal advice, you can contact us.


  • Example sizes 40x40x6 cm, 46x40x8 cm & 46x46x10 cm
  • Cushion material Polyurethane
  • Cover material Polyurethane
  • Water repellent and breathable
  • Flame retardant and fire resistant
  • Hand pump included
  • Clean cushion with water
  • Disinfect cushion with antiseptic agent
  • Cover wash at 90 degrees

Additional information

Pressure Ulcer Grade


Patient weight

max. 110 kg