Seat Cushion Cozy U Air

This Cozy U Air seat cushion is suitable as a basic cushion for the prevention of pressure sores and also provides extra comfort. The cells are interconnected which ensures effective air distribution. This results in a good distribution of pressure. The seat cushion comes with a 3D lycra cover and hand pump.

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  • Sizes: 35x41x5 cm, 41x41x5 cm & 47x47x5 cm
  • Cushion material: polyurethane
  • Material cover: Lycra stretch
  • Water repellent and breathable
  • Flame retardant and fire resistant
  • Hand pump included
  • Cushion to be cleaned with water
  • Cover washable at 65 degrees

Additional information

Pressure Ulcer Grade


Patient weight

max. 100 kg