Bolster Foam

Bolster Foam helps prevent pressure sores. Order this disposable from Bos Medical International to prevent bedsores.


Bolster Foam

This Bolster Foam is available in two different sizes:


Both are a covidien alternative and help prevent pressure sores.

Antidecubitus Foam Positioners

The Antidecubitus Foam Positioners from Bos Medical International provide good support. This reduces the risk of bedsores during medical procedures. Our range consists of various models to support different body parts such as the head, arms and ankles. You can choose from a number of product categories, such as sitting, lying, positioning and moving. You can also order numerous disposables for single use from us.

Material from latex-free foam

The foam positioners are made of sturdy foam. After use, they can be removed and disposed of. This makes cleaning or disinfection unnecessary. Because this foam is latex-free, the products can also be used for patients with skin allergies. Would you like to know more? Please contact us.


Are you interested in this product by Bos Medical International? Or do you have a question about pressure sores or would you like advice on using our products? Please feel free to contact us.