Air Transfer Mattress

The transfer mattress (Air Transfer Mattress) makes moving patients safer and easier for nurses. This disposable mattress floats on a cushion of flowing air, reducing the physical effort required to perform transfers by 80-90 percent. The resulting minimal friction and shear forces and the need for lifting make for a safer and smoother transfer for both patients and caregivers. The significant reduction in injury risk for nurses and caregivers improves staff retention while the clinically proven pressure-reducing design provides comfort and well-being for the patient. The handles and straps provide a stable position during the transfer.



  • Disposable transferring system
  • No cleaning and disinfection required
  • ShearGuard water repellent and breathable
  • Conveyor belts
  • Color-Coded Handles
  • Radiolucent and MRI compatible


  • Robust pump
  • Modern design
  • Dual connection points

Additional information

Pressure Ulcer Grade


Patient weight

max. 400 kg