The difference between preventive and curative antidecubitus mattresses

Within the wide range of special mattresses, you might not see the wood for the proverbial trees. Therefore you will find below a description of mattresses that can help in the fight against bedsores. Did you know that an anti-decubitus mattress can help prevent and cure pressure sores? Different materials and techniques are used for this. But what is it exactly and what does science actually say about it? Curious about the answers to these questions? Then read on!

What is decubitus?

Pressure ulcers are the phenomenon in which a wound occurs when there is prolonged pressure or friction on a specific area of the body. Susceptible areas are those parts of the body where the bone is relatively close to the skin. There are several ways to prevent or control pressure ulcers. Using a special anitdecubitus mattress (anti-bedsore mattress) is one way.

What kind of mattresses are there?

There are two types of antidecubitus mattresses that are preventive and curative (healing) in nature. Based on the patient situation, you can make an assessment of what type of mattress would be most appropriate. You make this choice by using different criteria.

In the range of anti-bedsore mattresses, first of all, you will find a difference in material. The materials used often determine the degree of comfort and effectiveness of the mattress. The second distinguishing aspect is the technical functioning of a mattress. We explain it to you below.

The material of the special underbeds

Mattresses are available in a variety of materials. For example, foam mattresses, such as “cold foam,” are often used, which distributes pressure to the body. There are also hybrid mattresses. These contain a mix of different materials, which improves the lying comfort. This type of mattress is often preventive for bedsores.

The technical operation of the mattresses

Technology is used to develop the best mattresses for decubitus patients or at-risk individuals. Technical operation is therefore an important feature in the healing of bedsores. This mainly involves beds that, with the help of a silent electric pump, change pressure. These alternating mattresses distribute the pressure to a different part of the body each time. As a result, the pressure is not located in one place – thus preventing bedsores. These mattresses can also be found in the assortment of Bos Medical International.

What are the effects of mattresses on pressure ulcers?

This is a question that science has also been asking in recent years. And while much is still unclear, there have been attempts to chart the effects of different mattresses. For example, a study by Cochrane, a network of individuals working in health care, found that mattresses with a (static, i.e. non-active) air-filled surface can increase the chance of healing, when viewed in days needed for full recovery. From this you can conclude that it is wiser to choose a low air-loss decubitus mattress in the case of occurred decubitus.

When to use a preventative or curative antidecubitus mattress?

It is always advisable to have a medical specialist advise you on the most optimal mattress for your specific situation. At Bos Medical International we can also advise you on our anti-decubitus tools. Our team is ready with a wide range of products to provide partners with the right products.

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