Preventing bedsores when lying down for long periods of time

People who lie down a lot are especially prone to pressure sores. Preventing bedsores when lying down for a long time is therefore very important. Especially for bedridden people, one should look for aids that can prevent pressure sores. In the blog below, we discuss how this can be tackled. Curious about existing solutions? Then read on!

When do bedsores develop?

Pressure sores, the Latin name for this phenomenon, are caused by pressure. If there is prolonged pressure on a body part, bedsores can develop. The degree and duration of the pressure determine the severity of the pressure ulcer. It starts with a red spot and in a severe case it can even lead to large open wounds. Prolonged pressure should be avoided at all costs, as the wounds result in reduced blood flow and are also extra prone to infection.

What areas are prone to bedsores?

Although constant pressure is almost always the cause of pressure sores, the likelihood of pressure sores varies by body part. Not every part of the body has an equal chance of developing pressure sores. The following applies here. A place on the body where the skin is close to the bone has an increased risk of pressure sores. Examples of risk spots are therefore the seat, the elbows, the hips or the back of the head. Fortunately, pressure ulcers can be prevented. There are all kinds of anti-decubitus aids on the market. These remedies also help fight bedsores that have already occurred. In this case, the products stimulate recovery.

What can you do about it?

When dealing with pressure sores, a distinction is generally made between prevention and curing. Prevention is better than cure” also applies to pressure sores. Measures are either used preventively or are intended to stimulate healing. It is good to consider the purpose of the treatment when choosing certain means.

Deploying mattresses against pressure ulcers

One example of effective products that can be used against (and to prevent) pressure ulcers are mattresses. Mattresses are particularly suitable for people who have to lie down a lot and for long periods. These bedridden people (in nursing homes, for example) are susceptible to pressure sores because pressure sores can occur with prolonged pressure. And that’s the case with a lying position. It is important to prevent or help cure bedsores with the right means. Within the product category ‘Lying down‘ on our website you will find various mattresses:

Foam is a material that provides a lot of support. As a result, the pressure is distributed throughout the body. This ensures that not one spot is exposed to constant pressure. Hybrid mattresses can be seen as an intermediate form. It has properties of a regular mattress and a foam mattress. This provides support and comfort. Alternate mattresses are innovative. They alternate pressure. This alternating pressure ensures that there are no specific pressure spots on the body. Low-air loss mattresses are characterized by the fact that the air cells slowly deflate. The air flow goes along the skin. This has a positive effect on the skin condition.

Preventing bedsores on the operating table

Pressure ulcer prevention is also high on the agenda in hospitals. This also applies to operations, which take a long time. Patients, some of whom are already bedridden, must adopt the same position for a long time. It is a good thing that there are aids that relieve the pressure. These positioning products, which are also part of the assortment of Bos Medical International, help prevent bedsores. Are there any questions following this blog article? Please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact form below.

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