Pressure ulcers prevention for wheelchair users

The seating area, which we will discuss in more detail in this blog, is a high-risk spot when it comes to pressure sores. So preventing pressure sores in wheelchair users is also a high priority. Why? We’ll explain that to you below. The good news is that there are aids that help prevent pressure sores. For wounds that have already occurred, anti-decubitus products can help stimulate recovery. To properly address a problem, having knowledge is required. Therefore, in this blog we provide information about pressure sores, how they occur and what can be done about them. Be sure to read on.

The danger of pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers are dangerous. Not immediately at first, but in an advanced stage, pressure ulcers are an open wound. This brings with it a risk of infection. Also, proper blood flow can be severely impeded by the wounds.

Preventing sit-throughs among wheelchair users
Prevention of pressure ulcers in wheelchair users should be high on the agenda!

When does pressure ulceration occur?

Bedsores occur when there is prolonged and intense pressure on a part of the body. The longer or the higher the pressure, the faster serious wounds develop. Not all pressure sores are equally serious. If the problem is recognized relatively early, much can be done about it. With an advanced form of pressure sores, recovery logically takes more time. Bos Medical Internationalis convinced that prevention is better than cure.

Risk individuals for pressure sores

In order to nip bedsores in the bud, it is important to know who is particularly susceptible to pressure sores. With that knowledge in your pocket, it is even possible to act preventively to avoid pressure sores. Who is at risk? These are people who spend a lot of time in the same position. Bedridden people or people who sit a lot are therefore part of the risk group. In the posture of sitting or lying down for a long time, different areas of the body are exposed to pressure. After a while, bedsores may develop in these areas.

The seating surface as a risk spot for pressure sores

The buttocks is an example of a high-risk spot. Bones, such as the “tailbone,” are close to the skin in that location. That is a characteristic of a risk spot. With that reason, the hips, heels and the back of the head are also examples of risk spots. Many people sit without the use of special cushions, which can lead to pressure sores.

People who sit a lot and for long periods of time would do well to pay attention to preventing a bedsore. Consider, for example, wheelchair users. They move around sitting down. Especially when standing is no longer possible, these people sit most of the day. The risks of pressure sores make this group of people very susceptible to pressure sores.

Solutions in the fight against pressure ulcers

The problem has received more attention recently. That’s a good sign, but not the solution against the onset of wounds. Thanks to wholesalers like Bos Medical International, quality aids are available to everyone. Below, we take a look at a prominent part of their offerings: specialty seat cushions.

Seat Cushions

The cushions are distinguished by the material used. Bos Medical International has cushions that are made of different materials:

  • Foam seat cushion – Foam cushions are made of cold foam to be used as a pressure reducing anti-sitting aid.
  • Gel-foam seat cushion – Gel-foam cushions contain a silicone portion. This benefits the seating comfort. The cooling property of the gel makes it a good anti-decubitus cushion.
  • (Gel) Air seat cushion – Air and gel air cushions consist of air cells placed in a special way. The air cells provide a spread of pressure, so pressure is not concentrated in one area of the seat.

Alternating seat cushions can also be found in the webshop. These are characterized by their innovative technology, in which the cushion changes pressure regularly. Quiet electric pumps that inflate the air cells in the pillows can also be found in the range.

Looking for antidecubitus products?

Bos Medical International is happy to advise you about the possibilities. On our website you can find information about our products or simply contact our driven team:

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