Positioning – antidecubitus positioning products

When patients sit or lie in the same position for long periods, specific pressure points of the body come under greater pressure than desired. This increases the risk of pressure sores (pressure sores). Also in an operating room, patients often lie in the same position for a long time on their back, side or stomach. In that case, stable and comfortable positioning is important. Bos Medical International offers a wide range of positioning products for these situations, which can be used by care personnel and provide significant relief to the patient.

Positioning Products

The positioning products and cushions have a pressure reducing and stabilizing effect. The range of cushions we offer varies in material and use. We offer positioning cushions from foam to gel, for single or multiple use.

Anti-decubitus positioning via foam

For example, foam positioners are used in operating rooms for a comfortable facial position. We offer them with and without intubation space for use in the hunched position. By the way, these products are shipped vacuum to save space for storage of the products.

Da Vinci positioners

Our Da Vinci positioners are cushions used during robotic surgery using the Da Vinci method. With these positioners, the patient is stabilized in a comfort position. The coated, multi-layer foam cushions have been developed in cooperation with surgeons of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. These positioners have an anti-slip side that prevents them from slipping, even in a full Trendelenburg position. They are waterproof and can be easily cleaned according to hospital standards.

Gel Positioners

Bos Medical also has a line of gel positioners for patients on the operating table or for other uses. We offer a very wide range. Our range was developed in collaboration with several surgeons in the Netherlands and is fully coated with a thick polyurithane film. This eliminates the risk of tearing. Working with the positioning cushions of Bos Medical International is easy and offers many advantages. Please contact us for any questions, to request a quotation or for further clarification. We can even produce some designs in consultation. Feel free to ask our staff about it.