The utility of positioning products to prevent decubitus

Pressure sores are a condition that can happen to anyone. Bedsores are often seen in patients who are bedridden. Bedsores can also occur in people who sit a lot. Such a wound is caused by pressure on a part of the body. Unfortunately, this is associated with major health risks. This blog discusses how positioning products help prevent and cure pressure sores.

How does decubitus develop?

A bedsore occurs when there is prolonged pressure on the body. If a spot on the body is exposed to pressure for an extended period of time, wounds can develop. Of course, large (open) wounds are not immediately visible. Pressure sores, the medical name for this phenomenon, begin with a red spot. Typical for an incipient bedsore is that the red spot does not disappear quickly. If the pressure continues, a wound may eventually form. These open wounds carry infection hazards and can cause severe pain because blood flow is disrupted.

Where does a bedsore occur?

Places where bone is close to the skin are high-risk spots. Examples of high-risk spots are arms, elbows, the buttocks and the back of the head. These areas are especially prone to pressure sores because the bone is relatively close to the skin.

Prevention and healing of bedsores

Every effort should be made to heal the bedsores. But at the same time, we want to emphasize a cliché saying: prevention is better than cure. And with this wisdom in mind, Bos Medical International brings all kinds of products to the market that help prevent and cure pressure sores.

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Products that prevent antidecubitus

There are all kinds of products that prevent bedsores. Examples include mattresses and pillows. The special mattresses or pillows distribute the pressure over the body, so that the pressure is less concentrated.

Some products are more advanced than others. For example, there are anti-decubitus cushions in our webshop that alternate the pressure with the help of a pump completely automatically.

Thanks to the wide range of products available, countless people are helped to heal or counteract bedsores. Unfortunately, a mattress or pillow does not always help sufficiently. People who have to lie down a lot sometimes still suffer from bedsores. There are positioning products especially for these people.

Positioning products for pressure ulcers

At Bos Medical International, a distinction is made between three types of positioning products. Each category has unique characteristics and fits a particular situation.

  • Foam molds
  • Da Vinci positioners
  • Gel Forms

The materials foam and gel offer a high degree of comfort. The position products come in a variety of body parts, including forms for the head and arms. These are high-risk areas, so it is important to have products for them. With these products, bedsores can be prevented and healed.

The Da Vinci positioners were developed together with medical professionals. The easy-to-clean forms consist of multiple foam layers and are water-resistant due to the special coating. They also have non-slip material on one side to prevent the mold from slipping.

With these products, body parts are well protected from bedsores. In addition, the positioning forms protect in such a way that pressure sores can be prevented. If the wounds have already occurred, the products from our shop will help in the recovery of pressure sores:

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