hybrid antidecubitus mattress

A hybrid anti-decubitus mattress combines the advantages of a foam mattress and an air mattress. This results in an anti-bedsore mattress that adapts well to the body of the patient and also offers a pleasant lying comfort. This mattress also has a pressure relieving effect, which naturally lowers the risk of developing bedsores. We have different types of products in our range. Read on or contact us directly!

Hybrid interchange system automatic operation

Independent clinical studies have shown that this mattress can be used as a hybrid and alternating pressure mattress. The various features of this mattress allow caregivers to provide better wound care. The fully automated pressure setting eliminates the need to adjust the client’s weight. In addition, the built-in air pump ensures that no damage to the pump can occur due to breakage or misuse. There is an additional foam mattress that can be placed under the cover for added comfort.

Mattress for nursing homes and home cares

The mattress with hybrid interchange system with automatic control can be ideally used in a home situation and nursing homes because of its easy operation and many possibilities. This is partly because it is easy to maintain. In addition, these mattresses are often reimbursed by health insurance and are regularly used as rental items. Would you like to know more about our different types of mattresses? Then please contact us.

Hybrid mattress without pump

A hybrid antidecubitus mattress can also be used without a pump, where the pressure of the body displaces the air in the cells. This mattress can also be used in conjunction with a pump. This is applied when the patient is not able to move himself on a regular basis.