foam Antidecubitus mattress

When people lie in the same position in bed or on a mattress for long periods of time, constant pressure is exerted on certain parts of the body and pressure sores can develop. Are you looking for anti-decubitus aids to prevent bedsores? Then use the products from Bos Medical International for patients who lie downfor long periods. We have numerous options in our range. Read on or contact us directly!

Support and comfort via foam anti-decubitus mattress

For patients who lie for long periods, it is important to lie on a good anti-bedsore mattress that provides the right support and comfort. Depending on the weight of the patient, the hardness of the foam is determined and recommended.

Cold foam and memory foam mattress

By choosing a combination of cold foam and memory foam, the mattress meets the requirements for comfort and is also an interesting solution in terms of price.

Preventive Foam Mattress

The anti-decubitus foam mattress is often used as a preventive measure for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and home care. This type of mattress is also used for bedridden patients with a low body weight (< 40 kg), who often find lying on air mattresses unpleasant.

foam mattress against bedsores?

Would you like to learn more about our foam products that are suitable for pressure ulcer prevention? Please contact us or request a quotation without any obligation. Our specialists have decades of experience in the world of pressure ulcers. We are therefore happy to help you with your problem! Please visit our knowledge square, where we regularly share information about our solutions against pressure sores.