How do you choose the right antidecubitus cushion?

Choosing medical devices is perhaps the most important weapon in the fight against pressure sores. The recovery of pressure sores can take a long time, and again, prevention is better than curing decubitus. But when the wounds have unexpectedly occurred, it is important to combat them effectively. The wounds must be given the opportunity to recover. Fortunately, there are various aids on the market. Mattresses, pillows and even aids for specific body parts. In this article we address the question: How to choose the right antidecubitus pillow ?

What is an antidecubitus cushion?

The name says it all: it is an anti-decubitus pillow. With the help of antidecubitus pillows, bedsores can be prevented and repaired. The pillows are also used as a preventative measure, to prevent wounds. Various materials can be used for an anti-decubitus cushion. The function of the materials and the intended effect changes accordingly. Each material has certain properties. One is better at preventing wounds, while the other stimulates the recovery of wounds.

Types of antidecubitus cushions

A number of materials are outlined below. The materials all have a certain character. When choosing a pillow, it is best to also look at the material from which the pillow is made. With this knowledge in your pocket, you can look at what the option options are.

Foam cushion

Foam cushions are usually used preventively. For example, the cushions may be suitable for wheelchair users. A lot of sitting can lead to pressure sores. Foam pillows are used to prevent the development of bedsores.

Gel-foam cushion

The gel-foam cushion is very similar to the foam pillow just mentioned. The difference is in the core. The core of a gel-foam pillow is made of silicone. The foam is located at the edges of the cushion. This cushion is also suitable for the prevention of wounds.

Alternating cushion

This pillow is also called an alternating pressure pillow. And that name says it all about the pillow’s most important feature. The pillow changes the pressure, using advanced technology. The air bubbles in the pillow are inflated by a pump – or not, creating varying pressure.

Gel air cushion

A gel-air cushion consists of several compartments. These cells are filled with gel and air. The function of the gel is to maintain body temperature. The casing of the cells, i.e. the outer layer of the pillow, is made of an artificial alternative of leather.

Pumps for antidecubitus cushions

Alternate and gel air cushions require special pumps. These pumps provide the pillows with sufficient air. Bos Medical International has included a number of pumps in its webshop. The advantage of these pumps? They are of high quality! That is very effective in fighting a wound. In addition, the pumps function without making much noise. The pumps produce less than 28 decibels!

Selection Guide

It is important to choose the right pillow. This is different in every situation. It is therefore good to contact our specialists about this. So feel free to fill out our contact form:

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