How do antidecubitus products work?

Pressure ulcers can occur when there is prolonged pressure on a particular part of the body. Depending on the duration and degree of pressure, it can lead to deep wounds. The phenomenon is not a rarity. Fortunately, bedsores can be prevented by using the right anti-decubitus aids. But how do antidecubitus products work? Why are they so helpful? You can read the answers to these questions in the article below.

What is decubitus?

Pressure sores, also called decubitus, bedsores or a pressure spot, occur when there is prolonged pressure on the skin. The pressure causes the blood supply to be obstructed. The pressure exerted on the spot on the body initially results in redness. Redness is referred to as a mild form of pressure ulcer. If the pressure on the spot is prolonged, it leads to more severe forms of pressure ulcers. Prolonged pressure can even lead to deep wounds at the place where the pressure was applied.

Who is most likely to develop pressure sores?

Pressure ulcers can occur to anyone. Certain circumstances increase the risk of pressure ulcers. For example, a lot of sitting or a lot of lying down. People who need a wheelchair for medical reasons sit a lot. Among this group pressure ulcers are not rare. Sitting down a lot creates constant and prolonged pressure on certain areas of the body. Especially when the wheelchair user cannot move around without using the wheelchair.

It becomes even more dangerous when the nerves of the disabled person no longer function optimally. If pain stimuli are not passed on properly, the pressure can (unnoticed) cause a severe form of pressure ulcer. The prevention and recognition of pressure ulcers is therefore very important.

What makes pressure ulcers dangerous?

The pressure present in a particular area shuts off the blood supply. This causes bedsores. Dying skin, which is the result of minimal blood supply, can cause very painful wounds. In the nasty wounds, bacteria can develop. In a bad case, these bacteria end up in the blood. This in turn can have even more unpleasant consequences. It is important to prevent pressure sores. And if pressure sores have already developed, it is important to make a recovery.

What antidecubitus aids are there?

There are various aids available to combat pressure ulcers. Below are some examples that you can order from Bos Medical International.


There are special anti-decubitus pillows that help prevent a bedsore. The seat cushions reduce pressure. As a result, pressure sores are less likely to occur. There are also pillows for persons who already have a bedsore. These pillows stimulate the recovery of the wound.


For people who lie down a lot, there are anti-decubitus mattresses. These mattresses also reduce the chance of a pressure point. The mattresses come in a variety of types. There are simple mattresses, 3-layer variants and inflatable mattresses. Read also: How to choose the right anti-decubitus mattress?

Aids for specific body parts

In addition to pillows and mattresses, there are also aids that are used specifically to protect a body part. Consider, for example, heel and elbow protectors.

Need help with your choice?

In short, there are plenty of antidecubitus products to choose from. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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