When do you use a foam antidecubitus mattress?

Within the range of antidecubitus products, mattresses play an important role. A special mattress can be a suitable aid to prevent and heal pressure sores. It can also contribute effectively to the recovery from pressure ulcers. Of course, a mattress is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, in this blog we answer the question: when to choose a foam antidecubitus mattress? Curious about the answer? Then read on!

What is a foam antidecubitus mattress?

An antidecubitus mattress is a mattress developed for people with bedsores or people who are prone to pressure sores. The mattresses are made of foam, also called memory foam or cold foam. This material has a positive effect on the distribution of pressure points on the body. Bedsores occur in a place where there is a lot of pressure for a long time. The mattresses provide equal pressure, so that not one specific spot is burdened.It adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. In addition, the foam reacts to body heat.

Recognizing and preventing pressure ulcers

Dimensions and body weight

De antidecubitus matrassen hebben dezelfde afmetingen als reguliere matrassen. Dat vergroot de inzetbaarheid in bijvoorbeeld ziekenhuizen of zorginstellingen. Er zijn verschillende soorten foam. Het ene soort is harder dan het andere. Het lichaamsgewicht bepaald voor een groot deel welk matras geschikt is voor de patiƫnt. Als je het gewicht van iemand weet, kun je aan de hand daarvan bepalen welk matras geschikt is. Ook speelt natuurlijk de kans op decubitus een grote rol. Voor productinhoudelijke informatie kunt u altijd een vrijblijvende offerte opvragen.

What is the purpose of such a mattress?

The use of a foam antidecubitus mattress has two purposes. A mattress is used when there is a high risk of a bedsore or when pressure ulcers are already present.

Preventive effect

First, there is the preventive effect of a mattress. People who lie down a lot have an increased risk of pressure sores. In such cases, a special mattress offers a solution. If the pressure is less concentrated, bedsores are less likely to occur.

Stimulating recovery

A bedsore has different phases. Where it first starts “innocently” with a red spot, after a while it can even turn into an open wound. These types of wounds are prone to infection and can inhibit the flow of blood. From this knowledge, it is important to do everything you can to repair the wounds. An anti-decubitus mattress is an example of this. By spreading the pressure, after the occurrence of a bedsore, recovery is stimulated.

When is an antidecubitus mattress used?

An anti-decubitus mattress is used when someone suffers from bedsores or in case someone is susceptible to pressure sores. It is probably clear to you by now that a foam mattress is used for prevention and recovery. If someone spends a lot of time lying in the same position, a mattress can help prevent pressure sores. If someone is already suffering from pressure sores, the mattress helps with recovery by spreading the pressure throughout the body.

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