Antidecubitus pump – properties and characteristics

Mattresses are an effective weapon against bedsores. Paired with an electric pump, the alternating mattresses combat pressure sores through their preventive and curative effects. Curious about the possibilities of an electric pump and interested in its properties? Then read on quickly!

What is an antidecubitus pump?

An antidecubitus pump is an electrical device used with alternating mattresses. Alternating pressure mattresses are also called alternating pressure mattresses. And that says exactly what they are capable of: changing pressure regularly. As a result, a person at risk or a patient does not have prolonged pressure in the same place. That helps prevent bedsores and encourages healing. The drive for the changing pressure is an electric pump – the antidecubitus pump.

An alternate mattress consists of several compartments. These compartments are air cells. The pump inflates the air cells. In the time that follows, the air cells deflate on their own. When the amount of air has dropped to a certain level, the pump automatically starts re-inflating the mattress. This creates an alternating pressure on the body of the person lying on it.

The characteristics of an anti-decubitus pump

There are all kinds of pumps on the market. Bos Medical Internationaltries to include as complete a selection as possible. Meanwhile, several electric drives are available for an alternating antidecubitus mattress. Of course, each product is unique. Each device has one or more distinctive features. Nevertheless, universal features occur when looking at the current offerings. We list the most important features of an antidecubitus pump for you below.

Pressure monitoring in mmHg

On the pump you will often see what the current pressure is. The pressure is displayed in mmHg, which is pronounced millimeters of mercury. The pump itself handles the regulation of the pressure, but with the display of the pressure in mmHG you can keep an eye on it yourself. Moreover, it allows you to determine what works – or what doesn’t. Too high a pressure? With the pressure monitoring you know which values should be maintained and avoided. Among others, the ST760 and ST302 models display the pressure.

Different cycle times

Another feature is the choice between various cycle times. A cycle is the time it takes for the air cells to inflate and deflate. In other words, it is the length of one cycle. You can choose between fast and slow cycles.

Weight setting

To achieve proper pressure, setting the body weight of the decubitus patient is important. You can set a weight between 30 and 200 kilograms.

Different modes

Among other things, this is useful for nursing a patient. In Auto Firm Mode, the mattress hardens so that the nurse can easily turn the person. This “nursing mode” automatically switches back to the original mode after 30 minutes to provide the patient with sufficient protection against bedsores.

The second mode is the Auto Dual Mode. This allows static pressure and alternating pressure to be alternated. For example, the P-16SD pump has the capability for static and dynamic pressure.

Acoustic and visual alarm

The alarm gives an audible and visible signal when certain values are not in order. Consider the alarm as an extra measure to provide the (bedridden) patient constantly with good changing pressure.

Very silent in use

Night’s rest is important for everyone. One of the most important features of Bos Medial International’s electric pumps is that the pumps do not make a loud noise. Nor should they, because it could seriously disturb the person’s rest. The noise of the electric drives is less than 28 decibels. All pumps are very quiet, including the ST105, P-16D and P-26SD models.


The weight varies slightly from pump to pump, but most electric pumps weigh around 1.5 kilograms. The low weight increases the quick and easy deployment to facilitate good care for as many people as possible. The ST761 pump is an example of a lightweight pump.

Conclusion – properties and characteristics of Antidecubitus pumps

Looking for quality products to prevent or cure bedsores? Bos Medical International is the provider of anti-decubitus productsand supplies corporate customers. Feel free to contact us using the contact information on the website!

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