About Bos Medical International

As a specialist, developer and supplier of medical devices for the prevention of bedsores, Bos Medical International studies, selects and supplies anti-decubitus products such as mattresses, seat cushions and positioning cushions. We also supply transfer products and single-use products such as aprons and foam products. In this we focus on a product that matches a good quality in terms of price, a long life span and a positive user experience. On this page you can read more about our organization.

Decubitus prevention

In order to organize the specific care surrounding pressure ulcers as efficiently as possible, use of the right resources is required. Pressure ulcers are not only a painful experience for patients but also lead to considerable costs due to the extra care hours required. By using the right products preventively, pressure ulcers can be prevented which results in saving a lot of suffering and an enormous cost reduction. a

Importer antidecubitus products

As an importer, Bos Medical International supplies a wide range of antidecubitus products to a large network of dealers in Europe. Our products are divided into several categories, lying, sitting, positioning, moving and disposables.


Freek Bos, the founder of Bos Medical International BV, traveled the world looking for the best products to prevent and cure pressure sores. He did this based on the best quality and longevity of the products. This was and still is the focus of our organization. These ambitions have ensured that over the years our knowledge has deepened and we have become specialists in this field. Our products are now developed all over the world and used in the European healthcare sector. We are committed to offering anti-decubitus products at the best possible price-quality ratio and will continue to do so in order to optimally serve our customers and the end user.

Nursing homes, home care and hospitals

The products of Bos Medical International are used in various care institutions. These include nursing homes and home care, but you will also come across our aids in hospitals. Both in the Intensive Care (ICU) and in the operating rooms (OR). Think of OR gel products and single-use OR clothing.

For patients with pressure ulcers

Our range and service focuses on providing the best solutions with maximum respect for the patient’s conditions. Ease of use is also an important factor and we offer our products at a realistic price. Of course, we take into account current laws and regulations. We can also provide you with the necessary information to make the right decisions based on sound facts. In this way we help you to plan and make the right investment in your assortment. We are happy to use our knowledge to promote your satisfaction and are committed to a pleasant, long-term cooperation.