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Bos Medical International is your partner for anti-decubitus products. As an importer of medical devices for the prevention of bedsores, we are both a specialist, developer and supplier. You can think of mattresses, seat cushions and positioning cushions. In addition, we supply transfer products for moving and products for one-time use (disposables), such as aprons and foam products. At Bos Medical International you can count on competitively priced, high-quality anti-decubitus products with a long lifespan and a high degree of user comfort.

Lying position

Prolonged lying or being bedridden leads to an increased risk of developing bedsores, or decubitus wounds. In these cases, a specific antidecubitus mattress or anti-bedsore mattress can provide the right pressure relief for a patient. This prevents multiple wounds and can ensure that the healing of existing bedsores is promoted. As an importer of anti-decubitus aids, Bos Medical International offers you a wide choice of products for patients who are lying down or bedridden for a long time.

Sitting position

Another antidecubitus product line is aimed at seated patients. Prolonged sitting with little movement creates an increased risk of pressure sores, or decubitus wounds. In these cases, a specific antidecubitus seat cushion can support the patient at specific pressure points. As an importer, Bos Medical International offers a wide range of firm anti-sore seat cushions. Our products offer patients good pressure relief and the desired support. There are various pressure relief options available, depending on the type of user with different needs.


At Bos Medical International you can also find anti-decubitus products that position the patient properly. When patients sit or lie in the same position for a long time, specific pressure points of the body come under greater pressure than desired. The risk of bedsores increases significantly over time. Also on an operating table, patients often lie in the same position for hours on their back, side or stomach when undergoing surgery. In this case, it is desirable for the person in question to lie as comfortably and stably as possible. This is where we can help.


About Bos Medical International

Bos Medical International has been active in the world of antidecubitus aids for over 30 years. Together with our customers we work on a long-term partnership. This has enabled us to build up an international customer base over the years. We always strive for the best solution and take into account the needs of the patient and the current regulations. Central to this are our high-quality products, which are distinctive in terms of quality and ease of use.


Private label?

It is possible at Bos Medical International to have private label antidecubitus products made and ordered. In this case the products carry your own label. It is possible to mention your logo or slogan.

Our service


For 30 years we have been providing our customers with products and knowledge to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.


We give a lot of attention to the quality of our products. They have a long lifespan.

quick delivery

Because there is an in-house stock, our products can be delivered immediately.


We can also supply customers by dropshipping.

private label

We offer the possibility to print products with a company logo and/or slogan.

custom made

You want a specific color or material? In consultation, we will make the product completely according to your wishes.

product specialist

Within the topic of decubitus, we are aware of all product developments, laws and regulations.

training and demonstrations

For your customer and end user we are also ready to explain use and knowledge of tools.